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Sweatcoin will shortly be moving to blockchain and become a true cryptocurrency. Current transactions are private and vary by buyer and seller. We list current price for buyers and seller in our Sweatcoin profile

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Earn Crypto and Take a Break From the Screen. Install Sweatcoin on your Smartphone. Learn about Sweatcoin Blockchain or click below to install. Research for Sweatcoin ICO. Current Sweatcoin Value

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Sweatcoin Country List

Listing of all countries where Sweatcoin App is currently available.

Sweatco has taken a methodical approach to introducing Sweatcoin country by country. The latest country to roll out is Spain. This is done so that merchants can be found with offerings specific to each country where they launch.  

Additional Sweatcoin Countries


We will continue to update information regarding the Sweatcoin App as it becomes available. We are closely watching for news on the expected move to blockchain. This will take Sweatcoin from a cybercurrency to a cryptocurrency. 

UPDATE: Sweatcoin now available in Spain. 

Visit here for Sweatcoin en Espanol

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